"Yeah I just had to tell ya real quick, after dealing with the most awesome counselor, YOU... You've helped me SOO much....I told you before, you're like a life changer....and that will always rock me!" 

-Killer K, Music Producer, Detroit, MI

"I would never see a psychiatrist or anything like that, but I could sit and talk to you guys all night." -Chris "Ludacris" Bridges, Actor/Hit Recording Artist/Producer  

"I heard about Trust Yourself and invited The Dream Dudes to conduct a presentation for our church."  
-Della Reese, Actress/Singer/Reverend/Founder "Principles For Better Living" 

"Your book (Trust Yourself) literally saved my life. It taught me to trust my gut and take action and do what I knew in my heart needed to be done. Thanks for believing in me because your inspiration provided me with the courage to believe in myself and do the right thing." -Mary, MI

"Thank you for being you! You're a wonderful, patient, strong, open, caring person. You're the best counselor I've ever met." -A.F., MI

"The Dudes do it better than anyone else & they get it…" -Rick O'Connor, Producer, WGN Chicago 

"The Dream Dudes are like Chicken Soup for your life." -Dr. Pat Baccili, The Dr. Pat Show  

"The TY System is absolutely brilliant.  I use it waking and sleeping to connect with the power and wisdom of my greatest partner, healer and friend - my Soul! Thank you Dream Team for taking me higher in my life, my business and my relationships!" -Dr. Meg Haworth

"10 Minutes with you and my whole perspective changed. I felt such a big relief, I can't thank you enough. You really are something special." -Jennifer, MI

"I met my guide in my dream. I am enlightened everyday, it is a new adventure, a challenge. I am the happy one. Keep doing what you are doing .. you are changing the way people see and view the universe, I BELIEVE IN THE UNIVERSE, I BELIEVE IN HU, I BELIEVE IN YOU..SINCERELY, E.K."
"By the way... I lost a very well paying job in September, moved to another city 125 miles away in October. Decided to follow my dream in becoming an artist as my next venture. I’m taking a full semester of college classes this January to help me in my quest to be self employed. I'm on a spiritual journey in which your previous book "Trust Yourself" has played a major roll in my life. All the while, during this upheaval in my life, NOT ONCE did I have any stress or fear. "My future looks so bright I gotta wear shades!" I'm sure there are tons of people you have touched that you haven't heard from. I have so much gratitude for you two that it makes my eyes a bit watery when I think of your generosity. I am blessed, and it's coming back to you in 10 folds. You guys are the best" 

-Sincerely, Ivy H.

"Hey Dream Dudes, you've got to tell me what this dream means..." -Lisa Rinna, Actor, Entrepreneur 

"Thank you so much for being here for me. I definately would not of came this far without your help. Someone to talk to who understands me. Thank you so much again. I mean it, thank you!" -Kimmie D.

"Thanks for the help with my recurring dream" -Sharon Tay, News Reporter

"10 years of therapy led nowhere. After 45 minutes I experienced a life-changing breakthrough." –KH, AZ 

Featured on E! Entertainment - Chelsea Lately Show "HUuuu...Well, I'm working with 2 Life-Coaches (Nic and Mike)...They taught me to HU and help me deal with certain things that come my way." The HU is for, if you have to answer a difficult question or something you don't want to deal with in your life...It can help you relax and release your mind...-"New York" of "I Love New York"  

"The Dudes are the best in the business or they wouldn't be on this SHOW!" 
-Steve Cochran, Radio Personality, WGN Chicago 

"Saying HU Really Worked when I was getting off the Methadone, it eased the cravings!! Thank you!!!" -S., MI

"Been in and out of therapy since childhood. I've never grown so much in my entire life put together, than I have these past months with you. You'll never know what you've done for me!"-A, MI

"Hello to The Dream Team, since initial contact with "Trust Yourself" and "The Dream Team," I have made better decisons when dealing with people who are suppose to be "friends"and other situations.Thank you. Be Blessed." 
-Dianne D.

"Let me take the opportunity to tell you, you are the best counselor I've had. I've seen a few. They were good. You are the Best!!! Peace, Love, Wisdom Joy!" -C.T., MI

“Nicole and Mike are fun, go with the flow, and not afraid to handle a skeptic or two with humor. I enjoy them. They are honest and they actually have college degrees. I've had them on my show at Sirius 102 a few times and always a hit." -Jay Thomas, Actor, Host, The Jay Thomas Show 

"TY System is changing my life. I look for dreams, signs, and intuition to guide me. My life is flowing better, and I feel more confident in my decisions and choices...You are doing revolutionary work." 
-Dr. Heather McKelvey, PA 

Featured on A&E Network - INKED
"Everyone in the shop started doing it (HU). Twig and everybody. It was kind of relaxing. It helped me do the Tattoos. They were fun and they actually made the shop a little brighter while they were HUing and I enjoyed myself." -Jesse, TV Show Personality and Tattoo Artist

"The magnificently mystical Dream Dudes: 
Thank you so much for your charitable attendance at the recent Benefit in Los Angeles. Your presence certainly added to both the atmosphere, and to the bottom line – the funds you earned from dream interpretation and then generously donated to the cause will be most appreciated by the displaced citizens of New Orleans." -Shivaune Christina, E! Entertainment

Featured on A&E Network - INKED
"HUUUUU...It's like the Supreme's plus one. I like people who don't really care what other people think and those people definately didn't care. They were really, really wild."
-Twig, TV Show Personality and Tattoo Artist

“Since I have interviewed the Dream Dudes, Mike and Nick on my show, I have learned to trust my intuition (that gut feeling), coupled with their TRUST YOURSELF system, I will never have to second guess myself again!” 
-Alexandra Rosa, Radio Personality, Art Rocks Radio Show 

"I think that you and your husband are great! You make a good team...I cannot say enough and that can never be overstated. You guys are great!!! Thank you always for everything." -Carmen, MI

"You guys are amazing! Thank you so much for the TY System, it has helped me in many ways!" 
-Katherin Pacino, Actress, Producer 

"You are the Best counselor anyone could ask for. Thank you for everything you've done for me!!!"-J.P., MI

"The Dream Dudes help to guide individuals through the language of the subconscious and the unseen realms, helping them to see that the messages are personally relevant and can lead them skillfully on the path we call life. It was a joy to have them on my show, Quantum Leaps." -Beth Wilson, Host, Quantum Leaps, best-selling author, speaker and Transformational Life Coach

"SUPER COOL, I can't thankyou enough, I need all the support I can get. Some people listen and take advantage and some don't.  They don't know what they're missing because I gave it a chance and it helps me and it's free. Doesn't cost me a dime.  l've been HUing alot lately and it does help me escape, forget, relieve stess, depression, anxiety, hunger, smoking, craving, negative thoughts, stay focused, and the list goes on. Of course I include GOD in my life daily. With all the tools I have and learned, I am able to pick myself back up and continue to achieve my goals. Never give up and never quit.  Taking your advice and start a list of gratitude. Keep up your good works!!! " 
-Sincerely, C.B., MI 

"Your presentation was wonderful.  Your knowledge of the history of the HU was fasinating as well as how dreams can guide us to our higher good.  I also believe that Spirit sends us signs all through the day but we don't know how to be opening enough to recognize them.  Your presentation made us more aware to pay more attention. I loved the audience participation as well.  Those present are still talking about the two of you and the wonderful presentation as well as information and using the HU. Blessings." -Rev. Cathey Jo Tomilenko

"Thank you for teaching me how to use my dreams to connect with my deceased father, you guys are awesome!!!" -Romina Arena, International Recording Star

"As an addict I have had many problems with self control. When I met Nicole, I was on my way to the bottom, I saw this number about a place I could get help at. I was extremely hesitant, am I ready? I cancelled my appointment once already two weeks prior to entering treatment, On my first day, something happened that almost ruined my chance of fetting treatment. So I  thought to myself, "What a coincidence, I didn't come the first time, and now I can't get in?"  Something happened, I looked at Nicole, she looked at me and we both thought the same thought...and then the nurse came running back and said the doctor accepted me. Coincidence? The universe rocks! She taught me this incredible technique called HU. It instantly took my anxiety away. I use it ever single day, in the car, at work and at night. I have asthma, (my insurance doesn't cover most asthma meds) and HUing relieves my lungs and have not used my rescue inhaler (Albuterol) for weeks now. I want to say thank you for what you have brought in my life. You helped me save my life. Sincerely," -Elizabeth "LIZ" Komendera, MI

"Thanks for providing us with fabulous entertainment at the Christmas party. It was a tremendous hit " 
-Michael Young, "Frontiers" Magazine

"I look forward to reading "Just Say HU" over the holidays cause God knows when you are with family for more than a day you just need to HU." -S.J. 

"Our Hadassah group held a Dream Party at my home. My friends are still talking about what a fabulous time they had at this great event! Many thanks for helping us learn to use our dreams and trust ourselves." 
-Lauri Blumenthal 

"I just wanted to say you are the best counselor I've ever had and the only one I have ever liked or trusted. Thank you for everything" -N.U., MI

 "It's no dream when you realize how right the Dream Dudes are." 
-Tom Danheiser, Producer, Coast to Coast AM - George Noory Show

"I was driving to work and I had a strong craving for Starbucks (I'm trying to kick the habit) So I started HUing for relief. By the time I got Starbucks the craving had passed and I drove right by. Thank HU!" 
-Yesenia Villa, L.A., CA

"I'll never view dreams in the same way again! It was a pleasure having the Dream Dudes on the show. With their excitement and enthusiasm towards the subject of dreams they were able to make Nick (my co-host) think again about his skepticism, and that's never an easy task!" 
-Amy Jones, Radio Personality, The Night Before on Kerrang Radio

"I began using the TY System techniques and  I've had such great results that I wanted to share them with you. I have edema in my left leg, calf and ankle. I've already put myself on a low-sodium diet, but that just seems to barely help the edema. So, I implemented the TY System techniques, within minutes I received the solution. I took action on the guidance and amazingly enough, the edema is under control! I also have a difficult time losing weight and keeping weight off once I've lost it, so I decided to put the TY System technique to the test again and the TY System confirmed that my thyroid was not functioning correctly, so I took appropriate action. Your techniques work awesome and I will continue to use them. Thanks so much for helping me with this great gift!" 
-Lori C., Tulsa, OK

"Trust Yourself offers a comprehensive examination of a universal phenomenon. It cuts across racial, gender, economic, religious lines. The Dream Dudes know their stuff!” -Don Rolls, CEO Pingree Music Publishing

"I wasn't feeling well and I wondered what the cause might be. I had been avoiding the doctor because I don't like the medical process. Thanks to the TY SYSTEM techniques, I was given specific guidance and it gave me the courage to take action. I made an appointment with my doctor to get tested for several different conditions. The test for colon cancer proved to be positive and I went for treatment. We caught it in time!"  -JP., Wisconsin

"I used a TY System technique to analyze a vivid dream I had a few weeks ago. Writing down the symbols and word associations made it very clear and I was able to see the whole picture of what the dream meant. Using this simple technique made it easy to bring my thoughts together and come up with a conclusion. In the past I used to fear sleep because I had night terrors and recurrent bad dreams associated with death by violence. Due to a traumatic event in my life, it was quite evident why I had the dreams and the interpretation was obvious. Now that I have what I would call regular dreams, I actually look forward to sleep so I can use my dreams for insight, answers, and solutions. I just wanted to write to you and thank you for the TY System and for the power it gave me toward using dreams, intuition, and synchronicity, as a means of self discovery." -Nancy, Belleville, MI 

"I used a TY System technique and so many things went right that I thought would go wrong, I am amazed. It just seems like the right philosophy to live by." -Lucille H., IL

"I've been using the TY System techniques and they really work. I had an issue that was causing concern, used a TY System technique, and bam, got the answer just like that. Thanks!!!" -Mike Barden, San Francisco, CA

"One day David was sitting in his chair watching TV.  He did not have his oxygen on at the time.  He tested his oxygen level using an oxyimeter.  His oxygen level was down between 82-84.  Normal is 94-100.David began using "the HU" technique and within 2-3 minutes his oxygen level was up to 95.  The HU really worked for him.  I told him now you don't have to panic if you are out and you don't have your oxygen tank with you and you feel your oxygen level is going down.  All you have to do is HU!!!   Praise the Lord!!!"  -Susan A., El Paso, TX

"David is still HUing and is doing great. We both HU and it really helps to make us feel better. Think of you often." -Susan A., El Paso, TX

"The System ROCKS!!! I just used it last week to help rule out a preschool for Connor. I asked for a dream and received it!" -H.M., PA

"My cousin's son just killed himself on Sat. morning. We are all horrified, but my cousin already received a confirmation from a TY System technique that her son is OK.  These messages  keep us going when we feel we can't! Life is truly amazing. Thank you." -Wendy, Phoenix, AZ

"Totally dig the book (Trust Yourself). It's the best. You really do amaze me. I do feel very comfortable with you. I look up to you. And I think you are so rad! I am excited for what's to come. I did 3 HU's and I feel instantly relieved and less overwhelmed. I did it in the car! Thank you! I am forever grateful!" -L.K

"The HU cured my insomnia, and allowed me to sleep through the night for the first time in as long as I remember." -Joel Calzada, California

"I'm writing this to give much thanks and love for everything you have given myself. You are a true wonderment of nature. I think anyone else who has talked to you longer than a minute would attest to this. As my counselor (and a friend) you have opened whole new worlds to me. Guiding me not by force feeding something out of a book, but through a kindness and gentleness that is quite rare. You've changed me not by manipulation or the egotists favorite phrase, "My way or the highway," but by something else. A way that can be felt but can't be touched. A way that can be heard but makes no noise. A way that can be seen but is unseen. A way that you touch without hands or touching. You know the answer..That way is Love. Believing in what you say. Acting how you believe. Giving love out like that candy on your desk. Giving out Love like you have an endless supply. And you do !!! Giving out love to

some of the most unloved people in the world. Never asking for something, never having a quid pro quo. Relying on your inner HU, knowing God will carry us thru. How great is that !!! Love and respect always." -CC, Detroit

Featured On   


"I was having a full-blown panic attack and the HU literally saved my life." - Lisa, Austin,TX​

Hey! I listened to you guys last night on Coast to Coast with George. I was like the guy who called in and could not remember any of my dreams for YEARS! I Hu'd last night as you suggested to the caller and I remembered my dream.....I can't belive it was so easy! ...I'm so glad I could remember it!! Cool. Thank you! 
-Terry from Kansas City!

"Sure enough it works!!!! I HU myself to sleep. Do it in the middle of the night too...When I'm not tuned into to "Coast"!!! I am 60 years old! LIVE LONG AND PROSPER!"  -DJ FROM MICH

"I used Trust Yourself, and it revealed that I was wasting time in my job. Even though the salary and benies were just fine. Who would've thought a better job was around the corner. The insight I was given through the TY System showed me there was a better job waiting. I updated my resume and began putting in applications. In a matter of three weeks I was offered a new job. Thanks for helping me to step out there and trust myself!" 
-Kristin L., LA, CA

 "I had a recurring dream where I found myself in a jail cell. One night, I was stopped and charged with a DUI (driving under the influence). I was taken to jail, and ended up in the exact cell I had been dreaming about for a month. It was not until learning how the TY System works, did I realize, I was being warned ahead of time. Had I known of this before I could have made different choices leading to a better outcome. I paid a hefty price." 
-Jeanette M., CA

"I was intrigued by the Trust Yourself philosophy so much, that I purchased Trust Yourself. Since then I have applied it to my own life and things have gotten MUCH better for me. The last two years of my life have been the best of my life. I just wanted to let you know how much you have helped me and I thank you very much." 
-Rene, Phoenix, AZ

"Nicole and Michael are delightful to speak with and easy to understand on the topic of dreams. Thoroughly enjoyed having them on the show. They not only informed our listeners, but even ME about how great it can be to see your dreams from the perspective of being keys to every day life and how we can transform our lives if we use them as tools." -Sally Jessy Raphael

"I cannot even thank you enough for everything you have done for Patrick and I. You really are two of the most caring and sincere people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Thanks for everything!" 
-Susan and Patrick, MI

"Boy oh boy, did I get burned by not knowing how to trust myself. I was dating this guy (long-distance) and it was time to make a big decision, move to be with him or stay put and get on with my life. I began having all kinds of dreams, but I blew it off. So I moved...big mistake. He was a miserable SOB. It lasted less than 6 months and I moved back home. What a waste of time, money, and energy. Wow, had I only known how to work the TY System for decision making, I would have stayed put." -MaryAnn S., Chicago

"I was wondering if my mate was truly invested in our relationship, so I used a TY System technique. Sure enough within 24 hours I received total validation that everything was cool and I had nothing to worry about. This allowed me to relax, feel good with the relationship, and plan accordingly.

 -Larry, Detroit, MI

"I've been looking for something like this for years. I have tons of material that I have spent a lot of money on and yet I still find trusting myself, making better choices and manifesting my goals a real challenge because nothing has ever gone directly to the heart of the matter. You've put together a one-of-a-kind resource that contains so many powerful and useful tools. This is one e-System that delivers! Thanks for an excellent product." 
-Joe N., Los Angeles

"The Dream Dudes are a dream come true. Their philosophies and techniques are down to earth and simple. The audience loved them and at the end of the show I immediately began receiving messages to have them back as soon as possible. They are by far one of the best guests and show to date. Thanks Michael & Nicole! You both are awesome!" -Jeremiah Greer, Radio Personality, Shadows in the Dark

"I can't understand why anyone would make an important decision without using the Dream Dudes "Trust Yourself System." Use it and discover how to make wiser choices in love, friendship, work and health." 
-M. Sullivan, HR Dept. Dell Computer

"Nicole and Michael Sebastian are dynamic! They complement each other quite nicely as they explain why it is important to trust yourself, believe in your instincts, and trust your own heart. Their passion and enthusiasm bubble in every word.” -Dr. Maxine Thompson, Radio Personality, Voice America & Artist's First

“Just want to say thanks to you and Michael for coming on the show Sunday. It was a lot of fun and I have gotten some great remarks from that hour of the show. A co-worker even told me she has been huing ever since that day :)  Thanks so much for helping make it a memorable show.” 
-Jeremiah Greer, Radio Personality, Shadows in the Dark

“Thank you Dream Dudes! I feel so much calmer. Things are changing for the positive :)”- Evita Melikyan, LA

“When my son was 4 weeks old he would wake up at 1:00 in the morning and scream for one straight hour.  We tried everything- checked his diaper, tried feeding him, made sure he wasn't cold and burped him.  Nothing seemed to work.  I had shared with my husband months before about finding your center with "HU". My husband started doing HU with the baby and it worked!!” - Cindy Grohman, LA, CA

"HUing has helped me get over that obsessive, oppressive, urgent, seemingly hopeless drive to kill myself, and see other options, and indeed be a bit more optimistic about the future." - W.A.

"Dear Nicole & Michael,Thank you for putting info about HU on YouTube I use HU now for more then 4 years and it saved my life; but I have a kind of dilemma,sometimes when I feel down I can't get HU over my lips- I've had very positive & even ecstatic experiences with HU- I really made Contact-With-HU! several times but I only feel the HU-vibration when I chant it out-loud and never when I think of HU inwardly without saying it-only recently when I'm lying in bed I focused my attention on HU & then finally a blue light come hitting on my Ajnashakra (third eye)- I like that!but I still have a dilemma that I loose attention and connection with HU!I want HU to be more powerful then my problems/issues and health complaints I want HU to be Victorious in my life-so that I can Truly Say I am in contact with HU and therefore I am Always Happy & Blessed!" -A.H.

-DJ, Michigan

“Thank you so very much! I followed my inner voice and it worked. it's such a great feeling when you tap into that. Thanks for all of the guidance.” 

-Terry B., Los Angeles, CA

"I am telling you this...“Trust Yourself System” is the most incredible bonding tool I have ever witnessed. I have seen it repair relationships… It’s amazing…It’s like you’re on a team and headed for the same goal…cracking the code” -Brittany G. Ohio

"The techniques changed our life and our relationship. We are much more focused, calm, and balanced. Thank you for introducing us to the techniques taught in the System. We now notice the miracles in every day living." 
-Jan & William, AZ

"I was wondering which nutritional plan would be best for me to cleanse, revitalize and rejuvenate. I wanted more energy. I stumbled upon a new plan and thought maybe this is the way go, but I was still uncertain. A few days later I received total confirmation via the TY SYSTEM. I immediately implemented the new plan and the results have been fantastic. I even lost a few pounds as an added bonus." - Don, MI

"The value of the TY SYSTEM is increasing daily. Thank you!" -Dave Goncher

"Thank you for being here for me!  We have chatted before about my scary dreams! You helped me get over a BIG ONE!! I used to dream that I was always falling......... off a house. Off a cliff....etc. I even dreamt I was one of the unfortunates in the Twin Towers!  I was falling..falling..falling! I got control by saying to myself before sleep.. I can fly! I can fly! I can fly!! Sure enough it works!!!! I HU myself to sleep. Do it in the middle of the night too...When I'm not tuned into to "Coast"!!! I am 60 years old! The next one I'm gonna work on is the old one I have had. I am a college graduate, but I still have bad dreams about failing...Flunking out!  This old one has been with me for at least 30 years! LIVE LONG AND PROSPER!"   -DJ FROM MICH

"I was put on BP meds about 4 months ago.  BP came down but it gave me a bad series of the dry hack coughs.  Doc changed medicine and it didn't bring BP down.  He then changed it for a third time and prescribed the same med as the second one but it had an added ingredient.  I researched second ingredient online and found it it had potential bronchial complications.  Those of you that know me know I'm not particularly fond of Docs or Meds.  :)  So I decided to TRUST MYSELF and I went online to my favorite alternative health and wellness company and started doing some research.  It turned out that they had a Chelation product and also talked about an herb called hawthorn to help with high BP.  Now I take nothing without thoroughly researching it and after doing so on the 2 following web links started using:(MRM brand) Cardio Chelate as directed (Natures Herb) Hawthorn flowers leaves and berries I took absolutely no additional BBP meds and started the regimen on the new herbs I purchased. I took absolutely no additional BBP meds and started the regimen on the new herbs I purchased.  My BP was normal after just 3 days of treatments." - BH, TX

"The HU feels like coming home...Thank you!!!" -T.W., New York    

"Love the book (Just Say HU). Thank you. The history chapter was really awesome." -Lisa, TX

"Just wanted to give you a update. God is good, along with family and my total inner strength and will to quit I have made it to day number 8 with no problems. I have prayed hard and been very sincere about not smoking and followed the HU technique thru a few stressful moments at work but to my surprise this has been easier this go round than anticipated.  I just want to take the time to thank you for your guidance because it is well appreciated. -DaBoss,Austin, TX

"Still HUing my lil heart away but the sensation for me to want to smoke is gone it doesn't even bother me but the smell of it does now how funny is that." -DaBoss, Austin, TX

"Hi Dream Dudes! I just want to tell you how much I enjoyed your book, Trust Yourself! It came along at a perfect time." - Jamie, New York

"I've been on my spiritual path for about 10 years and just recently been drawn to doing voice toning. I've been doing the "A" "E" "I" "O" "U" and " OM" and "Ahh." But...I was amazed with the results I personally received from saying "HU". I have been stressed in so many areas of my life recently and just by using your "HU" method.. I'm feeling like I'm "high" on a "drug". My whole being is vibrating and I'm calm and peaceful... It dramatically impacted me in such a short time....I feel this needs to be shared with the whole world....its such a simple but powerful technique for relieving stress,etc."

 -HollyMarie, MI
"Having the Dream Dudes on InnerViews was a wonderful experience.  Nicole and Michael Sebastian bring insight and light, and are a major force in the waking up that is occurring.  It's not so much like interviewing them, as much as just friends hanging out and talking about the great system that they've developed.  The Dream Dudes have fantastic energy and we expect you'll see be seeing and hearing much more from them" 
-Kimmie Rose Zapf & Steve Marshall, "InnerViews with Kimmie & Steve" 
CBS/AOL Psychic Radio Network

"The HU is like a Homing Device" -Rob McConnell, Host & Executive Producer of The 'X' Zone Radio & TV Show

"I HU before I make a phone call and I can feel the difference and so can the person I am calling. They say to me - "What have you been smoking? Can I get some?" - Dr. Pat Baccili, The Dr. Pat Show

“Before The Dream Dudes, I was saying, "Huh?"  Now, I'm saying, "Huuuuuu"!  And you will, too, when you learn to trust yourself, go within and listen closely to your own instincts.  Listen to what Nicole & Michael have to say about dream interpretation, then listen to your inner voice, which has been trying to tell you something important - all of your life.” –Kat, Bad Kat Productions

“Ok the HU-ing is great. My whole family has been using it and it works. I have been using it to sleep. Wow... Great show!” –Listener, Santa Barbara, CA

"The HU is great for me! I HU from time to time. I have noticed that when I feel a headache coming on I HU to reduce it. Sometimes I HU while on my walks. And sometimes I HU in bed to promote a deeper sleep. 
Live, Love, and Laugh" -Marisol, L.A., CA

"The Dream Dudes are DREAM GUESTS!  Knowledgable, witty and charming ... the Dream Dudes are a talk show host dream come true!" -Julia K. Cole, Host of Namaste Beloved!   

"Thanks to the HU---My golf game has hit a new level of excellence! It helps me to focus and stay in the zone. Before I tee off, I always say HUuuuuuu ---Thanks so much Dream Dudes---You guys rock!" 
-Jason Buttress - 0 Handicapp Golfer, Phoenix, AZ 

"It's as if the HU cleanes our Soul" -Nick, "The Night Before with Nick Margerrison" Kerrang Radio

"You would love to hear that I have incorporated the HU into my yoga workouts!  It really has improved my workouts! Thanks so much!" -Maria G. Meleandez

"My Boyfriend commented that I was soooo much more calm and easy to get along with. He said I'd stopped snapping at him. I told him it was the HU and he was amazed." -EM, CA   

“Thank you so much Nicole and Michael for being such entertaining and informative guests on our show! The practical advice and guidance you gave our listeners - teaching them how to listen to their inner voice through their dreams as well as in their waking lives - was invaluable, just the kind of information our listeners crave. The dream examples and stories were not only interesting, they helped people better understand how they can gain insights through their dreams. They now have a powerful tool to help them find direction and answers. We so appreciate how fun and accessible you were on the show. Thank you again and we hope to have you back again to do some personal dream interpretations for our callers.” -Pam & Kat, KZSB 1290 Talk Radio

“Before The Dream Dudes, I was saying, "Huh?"  Now, I'm saying, "Huuuuuu"!  And you will, too, when you learn to trust yourself, go within and listen closely to your own instincts.  Listen to what Nicole & Michael have to say about dream interpretation, then listen to your inner voice, which has been trying to tell you something important - all of your life.” –Kat, Bad Kat Productions

“Ok the HU-ing is great. My whole family has been using it and it works. I have been using it to sleep. Wow... Great show!” –Listener, Santa Barbara, CA