Intuitive Decision Making/Leadership Skills
(Leadership is an Inside Job)

You have one minute to make a critical decision! What do you do? Who do you call? Which expert do you consult? Believe it or not, that is plenty of time to make the all-important decision! With "Trust Yourself" Techniques, every decision you make can be quick, efficient and right on the money 100% of the time! The starting point for all decisions is--- "Trust Yourself"! We are all natural born leaders. The first step is to recognize our abilities and learn how to activate them through "Trust Yourself" techniques.

There is an old proverb that states: "Everything we need to know is contained within". The "Trust Yourself" Seminars are grounded in this philosophy. The facilitators of "Trust Yourself" provide an interactive environment to teach the following techniques, methods and skills:

  • How to Recognize that "Gut Feeling"

  • How to Rely on that Feeling and Act on it 100% of the Time

  • How to KNOW when to Hesitate and when to Go Forward

  • How to Master Intuitive Decision Making

Every World-Class Athlete utilizes "VisualizationTechniques" to Improve their Performance by up to 50%! "Trust Yourself" Seminars implement these winning strategies to insure success and optimize performance through:

  • The "D E A R" Technique

  • The "HU"

  • The Turtle Method

  • Success through Failure Method

  • I Wonder Technique

  • Light is Right Technique

  • Winning Feeling Visualization

The "Trust Yourself" Seminars are a MUST for ALL professionals in any field that have a desire to succeed and improve on their existing performance. This is the most dynamic seminar that you will ever attend!!!

How Will "Trust Yourself" Business Seminars Help my Management and Staff?

The concept of Intuitive Decision Making is grounded in the principle of Personal Empowerment and Leadership. We are naturally intuitive decision makers as well as Leaders. However, most of us are unaware of the unconscious process being utilized to lead and make decisions intuitively.

"Trust Yourself" Seminars teach techniques and tools for recognizing and implementing the new science of "Intuitive Decision Making". The goal of "Trust Yourself" Seminars is to teach you how to tap into your natural intuitive skills and leadership abilities!

We provide the tools for learning how to:

  • Recognize the "Right Decision"

  • Activate the leader within all of usKnow when to hesitate or question a consensus decision

  • Transform failure into success

  • Capture that winning feeling and use it to actualize your goals and dreams

We can show you how "Trust Yourself" Seminars lead to greater employee productivity, personal empowerment, confidence on the job, higher morale, lower attrition rates and improved leadership skills!

Intuitive decision making is the cutting edge method for teaching us how to assume ownership of our careers, relationships and lives!

Leadership is an inside job and we must start with ourselves.

Trust Yourself 
Business Seminars

Sound is the Simple Solution!

Just Say HU


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Contact - 323.350.2676 

The Dream Team is available to perform at parties, and gala events of every sort.

They are known from coast to coast for their flamboyant style, humorous, yet hard-hitting approach to the subject of dreams, intuition and signs. Bottom line, never hetting blindsided again!

The Dream team will help make any event a memorable one.

Looking for a different and unique theme for your next party?

Why not delight your guests with their very own Dream Reading or Dream Interpretation? 

Or better yet - host your very own Dream Party...

Keep in mind we ALL dream 4-6 times every night.

The Dream Dudes will guide your guests through their own Dream Reading or Dream Interpretation to gain insight into their present or future.

Totally informative and completely entertaining.

Your guests will be talking about the party for years!

Do You Just Do Private Parties?

No, we are also available for corporate events, trade shows, hospitality suites and more.

Surprise the guests at your special event: graduation parties, birthdays, anniversaries, office gatherings, Great for bridal showers and bachelorette parties too!

Charity Events

The Dream Team are delighted to come and entertain at your next Charity Event.

The Dream Team donate their time and services meanwhile all the proceeds go to your Charitable organization.

The Dream Team arrive and set up an area they call "Dreams For Donations."

Your attendees are then encouraged to come and get a "Dream Interpretation by The Dream Team" and donate the amount of their choosing for the interpretation, which in turn the Dream Team donate to you.

What's the benefit? 
Entertainment, education and big bucks

all rolled into one!

The Dream Team 
Private Consults

Ever Make a Poor Choice or Get Blind-sided?

Love, Relationship, Business, Addiction, DUI, Money, Career, Health... 

These 2 Celebrity Life Coaches teach you how to 'never let it happen again!'

Manifest Your Dreams and Avoid Pitfalls Along the Way 

Nicole and Michael Sebastian, aka "The Dream Team" are Celebrity Life-Coaches, Certified Addictions Counselor, DUI Specialist, Behavioral Sociologist, Fitness Trainer, Nutrition Counselor, Expert Decision Coaches, Authors, Dream Experts and Ordained Ministers. 

They deliver Wise-Counsel using Traditional Methods coupled with the Unique Tools of SOUND, DREAMS, SYNCHRONICITY, INTUITION and

This is what the "Trust Yourself System" is all about.

These lightning-fast tools turn it around Now...the remarkable results speak for themselves!

No-one knows you better than your Higher-self. When you realize there are many methods your Higher-self uses to communicate with you - you'll find more meaningful ways to listen. With the TY System techniques you will hone the ability to access this part of yourself daily - for your Ultimate Guidance and Direction!!! 

'The Dream Team' teach you how...
              Activate and Access Your 'Inner Oracle' 



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Best of all...the Results are Immediate!!!  

Private consultations, by phone or in-person, are completely confidential.​


  • Combat Addictions 
  • Anger Managment 
  • Stress Reduction 
  • Alleviate Insomnia 
  • Harmony - Keen Decision-Making 
  • Side-step Adversity 
  • Shape your Destiny 
  • Gain the Ultimate Discernment 
  • Laser-Sharp Intuition 
  • Clarity 
  • Heightened Awareness
  • Dream Programming
  • Tapping into Divine Guidance 
  • Stop Nightmares 
  • Silence the Ego...the Little-self tends to get us in trouble - Eliminate Second-Guessing


The Dream Team is available for
Private Consults -  Workshops - Business Seminars - Parties - Charity Events - Media and Guest Appearances

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Trust Yourself
Public Workshops

Decipher your dreams

Dream techniques
Dream symbols
Ever wonder what the recurring Dream means?
How about the Dream you had last night?
Should you worry if you Dream about Dying?
How can you stop those Nightmares?
Do you Dream about Sex, Money, Deceased loved ones, Flying, Snakes, Violence or Death?

Turn up the volume on your inner voice 

Enhance your intuition
Build the muscle
Intuitive techniques
Discern between the true inner voice or little self

Read the signs in your life

Ever experience a gut feeling, sign or coincidence?
Is it a sign or just a coincidence?
Omenology 101
Set up a waking dream

Activate Your 'Inner Oracle'
So you can make better decisions today!