Rev.  Dr. Nicole Sebastian 

is a Clinical Psychologist... 

Nicole’s titles include Clinical Director, Certified Clinical Supervisor, Certified Addictions Counselor, EMDR Certified, DUI Specialist, Certified Fitness Trainer, Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Certified Smoking Cessation Counselor and Ordained Minister. Nicole is an Author, Professional Public Speaker and has shared her experiences throughout the country. Nicole has been recognized by the "Cambridge Who's Who" as a tribute to her worldwide achievements

Rev. Michael Sebastian

is a Behavioral Sociologist, Ordained Minister, Entrepreneur, University Professor and Vietnam Veteran. Michael has taught at universities throughout the country and written extensively on the subject of Spiritual Sociology. Additionally, he was featured in People magazine and recognized by The Wall Street Journal for his business acumen and ingenuity.

OUR STORY - Condensed

Now married 25+ years, we actually met in a dream, 3 years before we met (physically) in a college classroom. This profound event changed our lives forever. We began to use Dreams to guide our lives and slowly teach others our secret. Through personal experience, trial and error, and many years of field-testing we developed the Trust Yourself System using Dreams, Signs and Intuition for Making Any Decision, Avoiding Adversity and Never Getting Blind-Sided Again. It is our mission to bring these tools into prominence for practical use and ongoing guidance so you have an unparalleled system of Confirmation and Discernment in all your affairs.



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The Dream Team...Bridging Science and Spirituality

Featured on A&E, E!, VH1,  SiriusXM, Coast 2 Coast AM and countless others...

Co-Founders of "Divine Guidance Institute and Wellness Center Inc.," a Modern-Day Mystery School, and “The Dream Team – Celebrity Life Coaching” and Creators of the “Trust Yourself System” and “Trust Yourself Therapy”

Visionaries, Rev. Dr. Nicole and Michael Sebastian aka “The Dream Team” are Celebrity Therapists, Expert Decision Coaches, Authors, Celebrity Dream Experts, Celebrity Life Coaches, and Relationship Experts.

Innovators of "1-Step Solution" and "1-Step Therapy."

Known as Modern-Day Oracles, they deliver Wise-Counsel using Traditional Methods coupled with the Unique Tools of Dreams, Sound, Synchronicity, Intuition, and Quantum Physics for Guidance and Direction. This is what "Trust Yourself" is all about.

Authors of: "TRUST YOURSELF: Master Your Dreams, Master Your Destiny...A Personal Road Map for KNOWING," “The Ancient Way of Knowing...TRUST YOURSELF SYSTEM: The Ultimate Guide to Making Any Decision, Avoiding Adversity and Never Getting Blind-Sided Again, "TRUST YOURSELF THERAPY: 9 Steps to a Quantum Transformation,”  "SOCIOLOGY OF SOUL: A Spiritual Wake-up Call," and “1 Step Therapy...JUST SAY HU: The Universal Panacea for All That Ails You.”

The Sebastians are co-founders of "Soul Mates R Us." A Relationship-Dating Service specializing in Spiritual Connections.

Their tools and techniques provide a methodology for opening a window to personal transformation and spiritual unfoldment.

The Dream Team is available for Workshops, Business Seminars, Private Consultations, Parties, Charity Events, Media and Guest appearances.


Back in January 1995, at the age of 24, I met Michael in a college classroom. He was my Sociology instructor.  As he entered the room on the first day of class I knew he was “the one.” I received a strong “inner” nudge that we were connected, my “gut hunch” was sounding the alarm that he indeed was “the one” and we were meant to be together. Immediately after class, I drove home as fast as I could and told my roommate Heather, “I would marry this guy in a heartbeat.”  She thought I was out of mind as we joked about it. I disregarded her opinion and continued through the semester – never revealing my feelings or “gut hunch” to anyone, including Michael. The semester came and went. I recall thinking about him all Summer long, hoping I would run into him the following Fall semester and plotting to make my move. I made a deal with myself “If I see him, I will promptly ask him out.”

Soon after Fall semester began, while waiting for class to begin, I spotted Michael down the hallway. In the middle of chatting with others, I abruptly yelled “Hey Sebastian,” as I excused myself and ran toward him to get his attention.  Thank goodness he did remember me; in the same moment, I asked him out to lunch. He accepted and we went to lunch the very next day. It was an amazing lunch date; we had many things in common…we really hit it off. We parted ways with no follow-up planned. I went back to work with thoughts of grandeur and wondering if he was going to call and if he was as smitten as I. Then the phone rang, it was Michael, he asked me out to dinner, I immediately accepted and we planned it for the very next night. We were not wasting any time.

We met for dinner at an Italian restaurant in Austin, TX. It was a lovely evening. At this point we both realized and acknowledged we were really into one another. As I secretly pondered my previous intuitive “gut feeling,” I surely knew it was a confirmation of my new direction. We began dating constantly. We were not apart for more than a day here or there. It was a crazy and wild ride. At the 3 month mark we got engaged – we absolutely had “no doubt” or so we thought…

Along the way, we would get into an argument here or there like any couple does – working out the kinks and getting into harmony with one another. However, this can lead to doubt. But knowing what I knew of my “gut feeling,” I refused to be led astray. So each time I experienced doubt I would ask God or the universe for a “sign” as confirmation and sure enough each time I asked I would immediately receive a “sign” that this was the right direction and all would be well despite any misgivings.

Michael encountered the same…on our 3rd date Michael walked me back to my car; he noticed my license plate lettering read KRW…these were the initials of his previous wife. He kept quiet (revealing this to me much later) but he tells the story of knowing this was a “sign” of confirmation and the message was “this is a serious relationship, pay attention and nurture it at all costs!” In that moment, he realized that our relationship was significant and would lead to marriage.

Separately, we were both working with the “inner” for Divine guidance and confirmation without revealing it to one another, so not to be swayed. After a long series of “gut hunches” and “signs” our doubts and fears no longer remained…

Nine months later, on June 30, 1996 - we were married. We eloped at dawn on Town Lake of Austin, Texas.

Two years into our marriage, I became an ACE certified fitness trainer. This event triggered a déjà-vu for Michael as he realized that he had experienced all of this before and that somehow he already knew me…prior to actually meeting me.

Suddenly recalling, Michael realized he met me in a forgotten Dream five years prior to meeting me in his Sociology class. We rushed home to scour through old Dream journals and sure enough he found the actual dream of meeting me 5 years prior. The dream read like this, “I was with a good looking fitness trainer named Nicole and we were in a chemistry class together (the description of the dream girl was a perfect match).” At this point, we were stunned at the synchronicity and connectedness of the recent finding, and it was confirmed once again that we knew without a doubt that this was our Destiny!   

One morning while driving to work together the new idea hit us-- “Trust Yourself” Seminars; it was all about the people and for the people. It was a way to assist others through using the unparalleled innate tools of Intuition, Dreams, Signs and Knowingness for Divine Guidance and direction.

A compulsion came over us to begin right away. It involved disseminating and delivering the message of “Trust Yourself.” Now the real work began and we had to put this thing together and get it rolling – no time to waste. In February 1999, we conducted our very first free “Trust Yourself” seminar at Austin Community College, in Austin, TX.

It was a hit, the turn-out was phenomenal and the message was well received. We knew we were onto something good so we kept at it; we used “Trust Yourself” tools and techniques to further develop “Trust Yourself” methodology.

We spent the next decade honing our talents, developing the tools and tightening the message of "Trust Yourself." During this 10 year period of field testing the “Trust Yourself System” (dreams, signs and intuition for knowing), we made mistakes, poor choices and misinterpretations. However, we continued to work with Dreams, Signs and Intuition on a daily basis. This resulted in fine-tuning our message, techniques, tools and books and developing a Foolproof System…a method of triangulation with a harmonic overlay for discernment that anyone can use for their highest guidance.

The "Trust Yourself" book and the "Trust Yourself System" manual were developed, containing all the tools and techniques needed to activate and access the oracle within each one of us. With the “Trust Yourself System,” we realized that we had in our hands a personal road map for KNOWING! It was a method for Avoiding Adversity and never getting Blindsided Again. The system not only provided 24/7 guidance, it ran on auto-pilot. It could be used for dating, love, finance, career, health, addiction, or simply any decision that needs to be made! It’s free, mobile and readily accessible any time of the day or night.

 The simple fact is that all people dream, have gut hunches, and experience coincidence, regardless of their belief system, faith or lack thereof. And when this data is tracked and triangulated, the proof is evident…these experiences provide superior and dependable guidance. They provide a personal road map for Knowing our direction and future!

What follows is a How To System for Decoding the Ongoing and often Overlooked messages contained within Dreams, Signs, Intuition and Knowingness, so you can Side-Step Adversity and Master Your Destiny.

Enjoy the Journey…TRUST YOURSELF!!!


"1-Step Therapy...JUST SAY HU...The Universal Panacea for All That Ails You"  

"SOCIOLOGY OF SOUL...A Spiritual Wake-Up Call" 

"The Ancient Way of Knowing...TRUST YOURSELF SYSTEM" 

"TRUST YOURSELF...A Personal Road Map for KNOWING"  

"TRUST YOURSELF THERAPY...9 Steps to a Quantum Transformation"  Winter 2023


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